MANAGER Redefined - Part 4: Sri Sathya Sai Paradigm


What does ‘Environment’ mean? [i] Environment may have different connotations. It may refer to the physical conditions and other aspects relating to the geographical area of the inhabitants, which may include various aspects pertaining to the physical, economic, business, political and spiritual factors. 

At this juncture, we should understand clearly what we mean by ‘Environment’ in this context?  It refers to the Environment pertaining to business and its associated functions. For example, there are cotton mills in Coimbatore. What type of environment is required for these cotton mills? It requires a humid environment and if it happens to be dry environment, it does not suit the manufacturing process. Cotton mill owners had to install artificial air-cooling systems at Coimbatore to overcome the constraints posed by a dry environment. Behaviour of humans is believed to be a product of their Individual characteristics and the Environment. [In technical terms this can be described as B = f (I x E): B (Behaviour) = f (function of) (I (Individual) x E (Environment)].

What sort of an environment should man ideally have? To develop clarity about all these aspects, man should build up an appreciation about the various aspects of environment. What do we mean by aspects of environment? The environment should be such that it is compatible with the value systems and temperament of man, and that which fosters human nature (environment here in this context could be interpreted as good company). If the environment that fosters human nature is not there, human conduct would possibly diminish to sub-human level. So, we should build up an environment that would be conducive to the development of positive human values. 


[i] The total of all the surroundings, air, water, vegetation, human element, wildlife, that have influence on you and your existence, including physical, biological and all other factors. 


  1. Sai Ram!"man management" was picked up by me along with 40 other books of swami which were lying in a shelf full of dust, to be discarded in one school library.I brought all of them home as permission was granted.I never who was swami and the sathya sai organisation. i brought all and kept them in my cupboard and locked it. This was the only book I carried with me where ever I went.I used to open the pages here and there and read.Never took it seriously.I used to open only the first page and look at the pic of swami and wonder how peaceful HE looks. I wish I could meet Him or be like Him. I carried that book for one year with me. Then I got the opportunity to go to U.A.E. there after six months I saw His vision -the cosmic form 3.30 in the morning when I got up for my prayers.Detail experience I cannot mention here.Now I am reading the book, one along with beautiful pictures. Sai Ram doing a good job.Keep up the good work. Renu


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