Swami! You are My Ganesha!

Swami in the portico before the Ganesha Idol

August 27, 1998

Swami : (To a Primary School student) Where is Ganesha?

Student : Swami, You are my Ganesha.

Swami : Where is My trunk?

Student : That form has a trunk but this form does not.

Swami : (To Institute students) Primary school boys give all correct answers, they are very intelligent and devoted. Ask any question. (To a student) Ask any question. (The boy was silent) You don’t even know questions, how will you know answers?

Student : What is the goal of life?

Student : To reach Swami.

Swami : See, correct answer. They know everything. (To another boy) Ask a question. (The boy was silent) He is worried about Assam. There are so many problems in Assam. What can be the solution?

Student : Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of man. Daiva Preeti, Paapa Bheeti and Sangha Neeti. (Love for God, Fear of Sin, Morality in Society)

Swami : See, correct answer. Come on students, ask questions. (To Primary School boy) Who is Harishchandra?

Student : All those who speak truth are Harishchandras.

Swami : Correct. Who was the saint who punished Harishchandra?

Student  : Vishawamitra.

Swami : Who was the first disciple of Vishwamitra? (The boy was silent. Then Swami asked Institute students)

Student : Nakshatraka.

Swami : Yes, he was the first disciple of Vishwamitra.


  1. Sai Ram, thanks for the feast (sathya sai with students)we feel we also lived with swami,

  2. sai ram, really very strange but i know nothing is impossible at parthi
    bb gupta


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