My Teachers wanted to give Me 500 out of 100 marks...

September 2, 1997

Swami : (To a student) How was the exam today? (Boy hesitates) Swami indicates that he hasn't done well. How many marks?

Student : Swami, out of 25 marks.

Swami : How much will you get?

Student : Swami, ‘O’ grade.

Swami : 18, 19, Sab ‘O’ grade Hai, Theek marks Bolo. (18, 19 marks all are ‘O’ grades, tell the exact marks). (To the first student again) How many marks will you get?

Student : Not sure Swami.

Swami : You must be confident about your marks.

Student : Swami, 60%. (Swami called a teacher and asked him about the paper)

Teacher : Swami, paper was straightforward.

Swami : No, paper was tight. It was tough. When the first question itself is tough, the students get nervous. They will make mistakes even in the easy questions. So, it is always better if the first question is easy. You do your work; do not worry about the result. Leave the result to God. You do not worry about marks. Marks are not important; you must get cent percent always. When Swami was a student, My teacher used to say, “I wish I could give You 500 out of 100, but unfortunately the government does not permit.” The teacher used to write ‘very, very ……’ from the top to bottom of the page and in the end used to write good. Nowadays students get neither very good nor good. 

What is the meaning of SAI? Sa + Aayi + Baba = Divine Mother and Father. Sa + Amba + Siva = Samba Siva.  

(To a teacher) What subject do you teach?

Teacher : Swami, Statistics.

Swami : Ticks, ticks! Small insects found on dogs? Not sticks? (Jokingly)  
(To a boy Swami revealed the contents of the letter given by him without reading it. Thus Swami revealed His Omniscience).

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