"Are you feeling jealous?"

September 28, 1997

After the interview session, Swami walked towards students and gave one of the students a camera. Turning to the teachers…

Swami : I had promised him that I would give him a camera, I kept up my promise. Few days ago, he was using another boy’s camera. I told him, “You could have asked Me, I would have given. Ask Me, I will give.”

Swami then went over to that student and started explaining about the camera. He then asked the student to take His photograph. To a student sitting next…

Swami : Are you feeling jealous? 

Student : No, Swami.

Swami : No? Not even half a teaspoon? (To another student) Are you jealous?

Student : No, Swami.

Swami : Why?

Student : It is not good.

Swami : Yes, it is not good, yet many allow it to grow. Knowing that it is not good, they still allow it to grow. (To another student) How many marks will you get?

Student : Swami, 75%.

Swami : Chhi! What about the rest 25%? It means that you have spoilt 25% of the paper. It is like this — If I give you 100 mangoes, and you say that only 60% of it is good, it means that 40% of them are spoilt.

Teacher : Swami, boys did not have time.

Swami : What is there! It can be done very easily. If your mind is on the market while the book is in the front, naturally nothing will go inside. One should concentrate wholly on what he is reading. Then everything will become easy. When Swami was a student, His teachers used to say, “Raju, you have written so well. Your paper deserves 100%, but the government rules do not permit this. Hence we are forced to give you only 99%.” Such were My papers when I was a student.

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