Sri Sathya Sai Guidelines for Business and Industry - Part 2

The Root Cause of Contemporary Problems

What is the root-cause of all the disorder, chaos, crime, falsehood and violence that prevail in every country today? It is the behaviour of people contrary to the dignity of human nature that is responsible for the existing situation. All the education that one receives has no concern with human values. Whether be the walk of life the conduct of people is a casualty, be it political behaviour or social conduct, economic activity or spiritual pursuits, actions of people are generally based upon the tendencies of the mind. No significant shift in any form of activity is possible unless the mind undergoes a big transformation. That is why the Vedas proclaimed that: ‘Mana Eva Manushyanaam Kaaranam Bandha Mokshayoh’. This means that the mind of humans is the cause of their bondage and liberation. One who wants to change others must first change oneself. The whole process of the foregoing change can be understood better by one and all through the following metaphorical explanation. The heart is like a door lock and the mind is like a key. If you turn the key to the right, you open the heart to God; if you turn it to the left; you turn it towards attachment to worldly belongings.
Sri Sathya Sai addresses the Indian Merchants Chamber members at the Cricket Club of India, Mumbai
There is no use blaming the governments for all the problems prevailing in the world today. The people are responsible for the injustice, the wickedness, the falsehood and the corruption prevalent in the state. The people cannot disown their own share of responsibility for the actions of governments for these governments have been placed in power by their own votes. Whether a government is good or bad depends on the people themselves. It should be borne in mind that the quality of a government is proportionate to the quality of people therein in that respective state/society. 

Cause of Corruption in India

There is widespread concern in the country about corruption. Many people question me, “When will corruption end in this country?” My response is: “Who is responsible for this corruption? Is it the government alone that is responsible for corruption? No. It is also the business people who are responsible in their own way for this corruption. For their selfish reasons and private gains, business people have been funding those in power and making them more and more powerful.” If business people live up to right values and principles, all this corruption can end in a moment.
It is true that there is no one who does not desire wealth. An old Telugu proverb says, ‘Even a dying person will get up if he/she sees somebody offering money!’ It is not surprising if, when bribes are offered, officials do not refuse them. It is for business persons to set a limit to their business and their profits and utilize their abilities for the promotion of public good. It may not be so simple to carry out with business with morality. Therefore, the first requisite is to install morality in the heart and, with faith in the Divine, engage oneself in business. If this is done the nation will benefit from the business men’s efforts and they will be serving society.

Today everyone talks only about what they want. People say, “I want this, I want that.” If they lose anything they bemoan the loss. Since the entire life is spent in acquisition of wealth and there after losing owing to speculative activities there is no peace of mind. Businessmen have to understand the basis of human relations and cultivate harmony and understanding. Unless such a broad-minded approach is developed, businessmen will not experience the bliss of the Divine. 

Need to Work Towards the Ultimate Goal of Life

How long can the pleasure derived from education, wealth, health or position last? Like the lamp that sheds its light on all alike, you must cultivate love towards all. Love lives by giving and forgiving. Self lives by getting and forgetting. Everybody seeks liberation. Everyone wants immortality. But how is immortality to be got? Removal of immorality is the only way to immortality. If one is filled with hatred, envy, pride and other evil qualities, how can one hope to achieve immortality? One must cultivate good thoughts and do good actions. One must engage oneself in service to society. By this process one can purify oneself. One cannot reach the Divine unless one is pure. The unchanging, eternal, ever pure, blissful Supreme is the goal. By one’s steady pursuit of Sadhana (spiritual practices), one must strive to reach that goal. While remaining in the world of business, one must keep this high goal in mind and carry on the activities of one’s business, whatever they may be.

Do not regard all your various possessions, houses, vehicles, wealth, etc., as permanent. There were great emperors in the past who ruled over huge empires. When they passed away, what did they take along with them? Posterity does not care even to remember their names. What you cannot take with you does not really belong to you. You are filled with fear, like the ticket-less traveler who gets into the train. In the journey of life, if you want to travel without fear, you must have the ticket of a good conscience. If you adhere to right conduct, you will have no need to fear any one.

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