The Love of My Mother - Sri Sathya Sai - By Sai Kanva

Sathya Sai with Students

Swami loves His students so much! Once he said, “If you look into My body, you will know that every cell of My body loves My students." Such is the Love of Swami. We are indeed lucky to receive such abundant love from Swami. 

It was on the 16th of January 1999; my mother sat for Darshan in Sai Kulwant Hall, awaiting the arrival of our Dear Lord. The music played and Swami came into the hall. He stopped where my mother was seated. His ever merciful hands then whirled in circles to create Vibhuti for my mother. My mother returned home with the satisfaction of receiving Padanamaskar from Swami.

By the time my mother returned from Parthi, there awaited my call-letter to join the Sri Sathya Sai Primary School. Soon, I joined as a student of class 1. During those days however, it was always tough for me to be away from my parents. But Swami’s motherly affection always made me feel at home.

One Sunday morning, when we were seated for Darshan, Swami came near us and asked, “What was the breakfast?" I replied, “Swami, Idli and sweet." Swami then lovingly asked, “How many Idlis?" I replied innocently, “Swami, only one." With the heart of a thousand mothers, He smiled and said, “Eat properly! Good boy." In this way, He never lets us feel lonely, for He pours Motherly affection at every stage of our stay in hostel. This was one of the most touching moments of my life. 

It was in our 3rd standard during sports meet that many of us had been diagnosed with jaundice. I was one among them. I was asked not to take part in the sports meet and was thus sent home. My mother prayed fervently for my health and also for my participation in the sports meet. It was a pleasant surprise when the teacher called home the next day to inform my parents that I had been selected to welcome Swami onto the stage on the Sports Day. However, the story did not end here.

I was feeling weak but somehow managed to take the card to Swami on January 11th, 2000. Swami blessed me with Padanamaskar and also granted us the chance to pose for photographs along with Him. It was the 14th of January, 2000 and we were seated for Darshan. It was my last Darshan before I went home, as I was still down with jaundice.

Swami came for Darshan and asked for some five boys to distribute Prasadam. Some seniors started distributing. I did not take the sweets as I knew that I was not supposed to eat oily sweets. But Swami looked at me and came down asking, “Did you get Prasadam?" I replied that I did not and told Him that I was suffering from Jaundice and was forbidden to eat oily sweets. Swami then said, “Nothing will happen! Eat the Laddoo, only then will you be alright." Swami called for the Prasadam and gave one laddoo to me. I was perplexed. I did not know whether to eat the Prasadam or not.

Sathya Sai with Students

Finally I ate the Prasadam because Swami had commanded me to do so. I was scheduled for a medical examination soon. After the tests, I found that the doctors and my parents were in the state of amazement. They told me that they were surprised to see that I was completely alright so soon. There was no trace of jaundice in me at all! Referring to this on a later occasion, Swami told me, “Brother may forget, but Mother will not!"

In my 6th standard, we got an opportunity to enact a drama in front of Swami. We presented it in the Poornachandra auditorium. We could have performed it better, for it was not up to the mark. Even then Swami encouraged us a lot and the very next year asked us to put one more drama.

This time we had practised very hard and we knew we would put up a good show. We performed our drama on 23rd October. Swami liked the drama and asked us to perform the same drama once again. The second performance turned out to be better than the first time. Swami was very happy and blessed us all with a group photograph with Him. Luckily I was fortunate to get a chance to sit next to Swami and to hold His hands while posing for the photograph. I looked into His eyes and said, “I love you Swami." Then Swami replied, “I love you, I love you, I love you."

This is the love, I have experienced in the hands of the Divine mother. It is very vast. We cannot compare an ocean to anything but the ocean itself. Similar is the case of Swami’s love. We cannot compare it with any other love than itself. He is verily the embodiment of Love!

- Sai Kanva
Student (2014-16), Department of Management Studies
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus


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