Trayee Sessions - Part 4

Sri Sathya Sai in Trayee Brindavan

Saturday, May 12, 2001

Swami came at 4.40 pm. He spoke to a few students in the Central Hall. Coming near the Jhoola, and noticing a student resting his hand against the sharp edge of the Jhoola…

Swami : Why are you keeping you hand there? You feel it may hurt My leg? Ayyo Paapam! My eyes can see well. (Turning to Sri Ramesh Wadhwani 
(Sri R. W.), a senior devotee from U.S.A.) When are you leaving Computer (the devotee had an IT business)?

Sri  R. W. : Monday morning.

Swami : How is computer (business) in America?

Sri  R. W. : Business is down. But Sai Systems (his company) is alright Swami.

Swami : Is it computers’ mistake or composer’s mistake?

Sri  R. W. : Computer’s

Swami : Business has come down in one year’s time. How many computers in America?

Sri  R. W. : Billions

Swami : In your company?

Sri  R. W. : Thousands

Swami : In India?

Sri  R. W. : Here there is only software.

Swami : Hyderabad? Bangalore?

Sri  R. W. : Not yet started (business).

Swami : What is the name of your business?

Sri  R. W. : Sai Systems International

Swami : ‘Sai System’ is no business. (Turning to Niranjan, a Research Scholar from the School of Business Management) Mahabharatam, get up. (Speak on) Leadership.

Niranjan : Shall I speak about Krishna’s leadership?

Swami : Any leadership.

During his speech, Niranjan mentioned that it is popularly believed that Krishna took away Rukmani by force. When Swami corrected him saying that Rukmani actually wanted it that way and hence it could not be considered ‘by force’. He then narrated an incident narrated related to Krishna, Balarama and Satyaki. The incident was regarding how each of them took turns to nightwatch when they slept in the middle of a forest. 

He told that a demon came and attacked them each time. At this time…

Swami : It was not a demon. It was just their imagination. Their anger showed up as a demon. (After the speech) Where is the story? Mahabharata? It was only your Bharata! Real Bharata is not like this. You are doing Ph.D. on Mahabharata!

Niranjan : It is given in books this way. 

Swami : Books are wrong. If you use them, how will you complete your Ph.D. 

The modern day books on Mahabharata are not good. 
Vyasa’s Mahabharata in Sanskrit is original. 

Niranjan : I use the English translation. 

Swami : English translation kills it. They have different pronunciations for ‘BUT’ and ‘PUT’. You are doing Ph.D. on Mahabharata. If you tell like this, people will laugh! What about your guide? He is a senior man. Ideal guide. Go… (Swami then called a former student working in the Super Speciality Hospital. When he was in front of the mike) You are also Ph.D. in Mahabharatam! 

The student told some stories from Mahabharata. At one point in time, he was fumbling while trying to mention the ten names of Arjuna, when Swami came to his rescue by mentioning some of them, “Arjuna, Phalguna, Parthiva, Keeriti, Shwetavahana, Savyasaachi, Dhananjaya.” After the speech, Swami got up and Aarti was taken at 5.30 pm. 
Swami blessed a Primary School student while going back. Swami gave Prasadam trays to the students and blessed all from the balcony of the first floor before retiring for the day.

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  1. Thank you for sharing beautiful incidents with Swami.

    Curiosity made look up all the 10 names of Arjuna. They are : Arjuna, Phaalgun, Jishnu, Keeriti, Shwetvaahan, Vibhatsu, Vijaya, Paarth, Savyashachee and Dhananjaya.


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