Trayee Sessions - Part 5

Saturday, May 19, 2001 

Sri Sathya Sai at Trayee Brindavan

Swami came at 4.40 pm. Swami came near the Jhoola and asked a Hospital Boy working in SSSIHMS, Whitefield.

Swami : When is your mother going?

H. Boy : Tuesday.

Swami : Which Tuesday? Does Tuesday come before Monday or after Monday? 
(To a student) Are you not going to Darjeeling? You can see scenery! 

Student : Parents are here.

Swami : Grandfather is there. Don’t you want to see him? 
(To another student) What is the meaning of grandfather?

Student : Swami, father’s father.

Swami : He walks shakily. It is his third life. 
(To a student) What is the age of grandfather?

Student : Swami, 84 years.

Swami : 84? How do you know?

Student : Father told.

Swami : Father’s age?

Student : Swami, 63 years.

Swami : (To another Hospital Boy) What do you do in the Hospital?

H. Boy : OT stores.

Swami : What is there in stores?

H. Boy : Medicines.

Swami : How many cots are there? How many mats are there? You must go and see. (To another Hospital Boy) I saw father. Leaving tomorrow night. Day after tomorrow? I will talk tomorrow. Your health is not good? Who is the doctor? Earlier he came once. How is your car’s health? 
Daily operations (for the car)!

H. Boy : Old car.

Swami : Repairs are costly. Purchase a new car. Do you go alone in the car?

H. Boy : Other Hospital Boys also come.

Swami : Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?

H. Boy : No.

Swami : Good boy. I have also sat on all vehicles. But never on a motorcycle. No in a train. I have gone in Jatka, bullock cart. There were no motorcycles then.

B. Warden : Were cycles there?

Swami : Not many cycles then. 

B. Warden : Small cycles.

Swami : Toys, for children to play with. In villages, there was nothing. Only two bullock carts.

B. Warden : During Grama Seva time, we went to a village called Kothakota. They told that Swami had come there long ago in bullock cart.

Swami : From Puttaparthi, Kothakota is 22 miles. We went there in a bullock cart. Subbama’s brother’s wife used to stay there. Her name was Lakshmamma. She was a very good devotee. We used to travel in a bullock cart. I didn’t sit in it. It used to go in the front. I used to walk behind.

B. Warden : Swami walked 22 miles!

Swami : Yes. If we’d go straight, we would go to Kadiri. If we took a turn, we would go to Kothakota. There used to be a well on the way. Subbamma would mix the food for Me. For that journey, Subbamma made special food. Urad Dal, Anapakaya, Pitikibiyyam Pulusu and Annam. All were mixed. She used to give to all. We used to sit in a circle.

B. Warden : Would Swami have food on the way?

Swami : There was no way then. No one would travel. We used to sit below a tree. Subbamma used to make big balls of food. One ball would suffice ten people. We never ate big balls of food. Now-a-days, our boys eat big balls of food! We used to eat slowly, small balls of food. My classmates were there. They used to accompany Me whenever I went. 

B. Warden : Would travelling 22 miles take eight hours?

Swami : We never had a watch to see time. We never knew the time. We used to calculate the time by the length of the shadow. At noon, the sun is on the top and shadow at our feet. If the shadow becomes two steps long (two feet) we knew one hour had passed. We used to travel by moonlight too.

Swami then asked a Hospital Boy to get up and speak. After his speech, Swami turned to another Hospital Boy…

Swami : Since 11 years, he is working on the Heart-Lung machine. How many patients?

H. Boy : 2,400 patients. 1,000 operations.

Aarti was at 5.35 pm. Swami gave Prasadam trays to the boys and blessed all from the balcony.

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  1. Wonderful to learn on His childhood life.. Never read this incident in Satyam Sivam Sundaram..Thanks and Sai Ram


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