When a Dog merged at the Lotus Feet of God…

Wednesday, May 2, 1962

Swami visited the village of Bikketti in the Nilgiris in May 1962. Swami showered His love on the old lame watch dog of the village, ‘Kuttan’. Kuttan though old and lame, was ferocious in gaurding the village. He was tied down for fear of misdemeanour. Noticing him trying his utmost to free himself, Swami patted him, calling him “Bangaru”, and asked the “Shuddhatma” to be unchained. Swami led Kuttam up the dias, where he sat listening intently to the Bhajans being sung.

A feast had been arranged for the villagers on that day. Swami went into the kitchen followed by Kuttan. He touched the food and transformed it into Prasad. “Feed Kuttan first” He ordered. After partaking of the Prasad, Kuttan sat next to Swami as He supervised the Prasad distribution. Kuttan laid his head on Swami’s feet and merged in them once and for all.

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