Pyaare Sai Humaare - Our Dear Sai... Please Open Our Hearts...

Pyaare Sai Humaare, Dil Khol Dekho Ye Mera 
Ismein Na Koyi Doojaa Bas Ek Teraa Baseraa (Pyaare Sai …)
Tum Paas Jab Bhi Aate, Zaraa Sa Jab Muskuraate
Apni Pyaari Pyaari Nazar Se Sai Rote Dilon Ko Hasaate (2)
Pyaar Bhari (2) Nazaron Se (2) Rote Dilon Ko Hasaate 
(Mere Sai…)
Dil Mein Umang Aur Khushi Bhar Laate (Pyare Sai…)
Jeevan Ke Har Ek Path Par Tere Hi Sang Ham Chalenge
Tere Bin Hai Jeena Mushkil Hardam Ye Kehataa Hai Dil (2)
Jeevan Ke... 
Haathon Mein (Overlap) 
Dharkar Haath (Overlap) (2)
Tere Hi Sang Hum Chalenge Mere Sai
Tere Bin Jeeya Laage Na Sai 
Pyaare Sai Humaare Dil Ki Ye Sun Lo Kahaani
Tere Bin Jeeya Na Jaaye, Sooni Lage Zindagaani 
Pyare Sai… Dil Khol Dekho Ye Mera (3)


Oh our dear Sai, Please open our hearts
None other but You resides in our hearts
When You come near us with a mischievous smile on Your lips
With Your sweet looks, You gladden our sad hearts...

You bring in inspiration and happiness in our hearts
In this journey of life, we shall walk with You
Our hearts say that it is difficult to live without You...

We are unable to live without Your presence
Oh Dear Sai, please listen to the story of our hearts
We cannot live without You, we feel very lonely
Oh our dear Sai, Please open our hearts

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