Sri Sathya Sai Guidelines for Social Progress: The Role of Business Organisations

In our culture, there are four important aspects that contributed to the progress of society: 
Recognising the distinctiveness of a person 
Fostering national spirit in the society
Experiencing Divinity
Living in unity

It is the unique responsibility of Indian Culture to integrate the foregoing four aspects for the overall progress of society. Therefore, if we want to develop Indian culture, we should be able to recognise individuality, foster nationality, recognise Divinity and live in unity. This is Indian culture, which has five life-breaths.  The five letters of the word ‘HINDU’ when interpreted as an acronym; each letter represents a facet as indicated.

The Real Meaning of HINDU

Integration of these five facets is Indian culture. The world can benefit from culture if the people belonging to the respective culture would practice these five principles in day-to-day life while carrying out their duties. There are many big companies employing management graduates returning from various overseas universities. How come those organisations employing such highly qualified people are not able to function as role models in a sustained manner? What is the reason? It is because theoretical knowledge has not been translated into practical knowledge. There is abundant theoretical knowledge in the present-day world, which would degenerate into ‘allergy’ if it is not put to appropriate use. Practical knowledge becomes ‘energy’ after one uses it for some time. In modern times, all companies have one common motto: To accumulate wealth through excess profit-making. They have not been able to use their knowledge and skills in a broad way for the overall good of society. 

Indian culture is infinite without limits. Its unique nature is that the people who follow it consider others’ problems as their own. For such a broad heart, there are no limits. If such profound feelings govern the hearts of people, there will be no conflicts or agitations. But today, the goal of companies is predominantly profit maximisation. One does not find morality and ethics in business. The apprehension is that if business follows morality and ethics, it would make an unfavourable impact on its growth rate. There is no rapport between the workers and the management today. If only they (workers and management) recognise the inherent Divinity in every person, there can exist natural understanding and trust between the workers and the management. The real manager in a true sense is one who can manage his own mind. Today, people cannot manage their own mind. If you are not able to manage your own mind that is ‘inside’, how can you manage the world of objects ‘outside’? 

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