Should I watch Television?

In modern times, the students outside, keep watching the television all the time. It is very wrong. Earlier, there used to be very good programmes on the television. But now, only the worst programmes are shown. Very bad scenes come on the television. Such scenes are being watched even by the children at a very young age. At this age, you should see things related to spirituality and education. However, even in such good programmes, they are introducing perverted activities. Why is it being done so? This is because only by showing such perverted programmes, they get money. For the sake of money, they are ruining many lives. We should not look at such programmes. Because of wrong visions, your mind gets changed. You have good feelings in the heart. So you should try to put into practice in your daily life, the sacred thoughts that are present within you.


  1. Very True especially in the present context. Students should enquire and properly discriminate on the lines advised by our beloved Swami. Grateful to the Sathya Sai with Students Blog for sharing such valuable information.

    Parikshit Menon


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