When Sri Sathya Sai saved the T.A. Pai Medical College from a Catastrophe

October 9, 1992

Sri T.A. Pai
Bhagavan called a senior member of the T. A. Pai Foundation… The elderly gentleman came running and fell at Swami’s feet. He was very happy and straight away started explaining about an accident that had occurred at the Medical College and started thanking Swami profusely for having saved the lives of the students. But, he could not go further and broke down into tears. Bhagavan consoled him and explained to the students…

Swami: A fire had broken out in the college, in one of the rooms. About 40 medical students were trapped there.

Devotee: Swami, equipment worth crores of rupees was also there.
T. A. Pai Educational Institutions
Swami: Money is not important when compared with lives. As soon as the fire broke out, all panicked. But he called out, “Baba! Baba! Baba!” And within minutes, the fire had died down. All were safe. Not even a single person was injured! The world outside knows the value of Swami. If I tell them once, they are overjoyed and even cry. But, you boys, are all like frogs in the well. Outside college boys nowadays are very bad. They put their feet on the opposite bench and drink liquor in the class! They even have the audacity to offer it to the professors. The professors in turn, cannot do anything because these students have paid hefty donations of about 10 lakhs each! Some of the professors even go to the movies with students!

Bhagavan then signalled yet another person from the upper portico, who was a well-placed official in SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd.) and asked him to provide some useful steel articles for Sports Meet prizes. Swami then added…

Swami: I am not asking it free of cost. I always pay for what I take. I do not take anything free of cost from anybody – except Love; and that too is My Property!


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