What will happen if I try to deceive God? - A Story

There was once a student who prayed to God thus, “Swami, Mathematics is difficult for me and tomorrow I have to face the examination. If I get good marks I will prepare sweets like Chakkara Pongal (a south Indian sweet dish) and offer to You”. In the examination hall, by God's grace, after he had completed answering the question paper in one hour, he thought, Is God really going to partake of my offering? Then why should I put Badam (almonds) and Draksha (dry grapes) in the Chakkara Pongal and waste them? Therefore, he went on reducing items in the list that are required for the preparation of Chakkara Pongal. He then said to himself, It is said that God needs only Patram (leaves) and Phalam (fruits), so let me buy some fruits instead of all this. In this way, he went on revising the list. Then he thought, Why offer fruits at all? Anyway He is not going to eat.

Finally, he decided to offer water from the tap. Thus, he decided to save ten rupees. As he was doing this, two hours elapsed and the bell was given. The examiner asked for the answer papers and the boy quickly sorted out his papers and handed them over. After he came back home, his father enquired how the paper was. “It was very easy, said the boy and gave the question paper to him. To his surprise, his father found that it was the answer sheet. The list of items for making Chakkara Pongal had been given to the examiner and the answer sheet was brought back home by mistake. His father asked him why he had brought the answer paper. He replied, “God has deceived me!” 

Then the father said, “It is not God who has deceived you, but you have deceived yourself. You promised God so many things in offering, but finally you reduced it to only water.  

If anyone tries to deceive God, it is equivalent to deceiving oneself. Hence, it is impossible for anybody to deceive God. 

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