Oh Beautiful Lord Sai! - Madhura Mohana Ghana Shyama Sundara Sai...

Madhura Mohana Ghana Shyama Sundara Sayee
Aananda Pradayee Naa Andaala Rasivoyi (2)
Neeve Naa Maata Pita Bhraata Ve Sadaa
Sakhudavu Guru Daivamu Mari Antha Neeve Ga
Neede Tanuvu Neede Manasu Antha Neede Ga
Anuvanuvuna Kanakanamuna Nindi Unna Sadaya Hrudaya (2)
Madhura Mohana…
Ninne Poojinchaleni Ee Karamulelano
Ninne Dhyaninchaleni Ee Dehamelano
Kanu Vinduga Ninu Choodani Kannulelano
Ninne Marichi Ninthalanchani Janmamelano
Ninu Piluvani Ninu Thalavani Jihvamela Jeevamela (2)
Madhura Mohana…


Oh sweet Lord Shyama! Oh beautiful Sai! 
You are the giver of bliss, 
You are the beautiful one, 
You are my Mother, Father and Brother, 
Forever You are my Friend, Guru and God. 
This body is Yours, so is this mind. 
You are present in every atom and every cell.
What for are these hands, when they are not worshipping You?
What for is this body, when it is not meditating upon You?
What for are these eyes, when they are not feasting on Your Divine form?
What for is this birth, when it forgets You and not thinking of You?
What for is this life and tongue, when it is not chanting Your name daily?
Oh sweet Lord Shyama! Oh beautiful Sai! 
You are the giver of bliss, You are the beautiful one.


  1. Beautiful, filled with love & devotion.

  2. Divine song melodious raga wonderful lyrics.

  3. Very beautiful song with melodious tune.
    Tears roll from my eyes while listening.

  4. Touching the soul and awakening the inner self. Om namashivaya

  5. Thanks for uploading lyrics with audio, beautifully sang and wonderful lyrics to merge in sai...

  6. This is so beautiful, rhythmic, so melodious and I so want to sing it but can not pronounce the words. I just love this bhajan.


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