Sri Sathya Sai Guidelines for Important Organisational Issues – Part 1 (Salaries and Allowances)

Salaries and Allowance System

Those residing in the urban areas receive more allowances than their counterparts living in the rural areas. Of course, people living in urban areas incur heavy expenditure in the form of high house rents, water, electricity charges, etc., whereas people in rural areas incur less under similar heads. Today, the Dearness Allowance (DA) given is either equal or more than the basic pay of an employee. Some companies over and above this, pay bonus to their employees, which is not proper. [i] Those workers whose lives are in constant danger, such as those working in mines, alone ought to be paid bonus as an additional compensation for the risk they bear in such occupations. Educated youth today, should join only those organisations where high principles are practiced. However, before that, students must gain some amount of experience working for a short time in small firms. Today, although several Multi National Companies (MNCs) are interested in opening their organisational units in India, their pre-conditions do not appear to be that favourable to the host country (India). This is basically because Indians have a very soft nature and their weaknesses are exploited, just as during the times of British colonization. Educated youth must be careful in dealing with crucial matters and as such their minds should always be well balanced to deal with such situations. 

Youth must serve their motherland. Today, they are allured by money and are going abroad. You may think that an American salary of $2,000 is equal to Rs. 60,000 in India (amount here varies in accordance with dollar value at the given time) and hence it is more gainful to go there. Actually, $2,000 is not equivalent to Rs. 60,000, but definitely less than half of that amount pertaining to Indian conditions. Here is an example. You pay Rs. 1 for a banana here, but will have to pay Rs. 10 there. 


[i] What Baba intends to convey in this context is His genuine concern for people engaged in mining industry and other hazardous jobs. He wishes to be more emphatic about the compensation for such people rather than anything else towards people in other jobs. One has to read in between lines to get the real import of what he has mentioned at that time and no inferences need to be drawn out of context.

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