Sri Sathya Sai suggests Indian Native Solutions to Common Problems

Be it mathematics, spirituality, scriptures, law, natural sciences or others - these fields trace their roots in India. Today, companies are purchasing material worth one rupee from India, making some value addition and selling it back in India with massive margins. What we regard as waste is being transformed into something useful by adding value and is being exported back here as some other item. Hence, it is better if we can discover as to how that which is considered useless could be transformed into something useful. We must learn the technique from other countries and then return to our country and make efforts to implement it in India. 

Native Applications

When one mixes a little bit of cow dung and turmeric, it turns out to be an ointment capable of curing any kind of wound. Some countries have done lots of research on cow dung and turmeric. They have patented it and have laid down a condition that without their permission, the same formulations cannot be used. Who discovered the utility of these items? It is the Indians that had first discovered them. Today, if a bandage is applied with cow dung, the doctor comes and scares you off by saying, “Useless fellow! That wound is going to become septic.” If cow dung is applied on any boil, the boil will dry up within three days. It is because of such therapeutic properties associated with cow dung that our ancestors used to mix it with water and sprinkle it in front of their houses. Because of this, poisonous insects would not come close to the house. Even Gou Mutra (cow urine) has such properties. When sacrifices were being performed, before taking the pledge of initiating the sacrifice, cow urine was partaken ceremonially. In those days, Indians used to derive lots of benefits from various elements which were part of Nature. They enjoyed everything that was available naturally in a very intelligent manner.

Hence, if you are planning to establish factories or industries, do not look for government help or assistance (barring procedural rules and regulations) or foreign investors. As far as possible, depend on your own motherland. Rely upon truth and righteousness and develop yourself into an ideal role model. Make every effort to develop the lot of our people also. You must all be careful and count on your self-confidence, self-power, and self-support. This self-power is a useful and strong ally.

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