Sri Sathya Sai On: When to commence Medical Education?

June 19, 1995

A student showed Swami a book titled - “Silence as Yoga”. Swami saw the book and asked, “What is silence?” The student kept silent.

Swami : Silence means not talking.

Student : Yes Swami!

Student : Silence is being mentally peaceful..

Swami : Silence is not just abstaining from talk. Even when we breathe, we make sound. Therefore silence means control.

This happened at the far end of the block where the lotus circle used to be situated. Swami was slowly gliding when He stopped, closed His eyes for a second or two, immediately turned to a student, and asked, “How was the quiz yesterday?” (The student had conducted the quiz programme on Sunday night).

Swami added “After dinner” referring to the time the programme started. It was only then the student remembered how the unexpected drizzle had stopped during the quiz and the Warden told that it was just Swami’s Grace. He got up to say “Swami ka Grace”. But Swami had already started to move.

Swami asked for the Bioscience students while coming back towards the Mandir. Looking at one of the Bioscience students, Swami asked, “Why didn’t you go for Medicine?”

Student : I had to come here Swami (He had joined the Institute for B.Sc. - Bachelors of Science undergraduate programme)

Swami : You got less marks in Intermediate, father can’t give donation, so you came here! Isn’t it? Tell that you got less mark in Intermediate. Being a student of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, tell the Sathya (Truth). Boys go for M.B.B.S. after intermediate, which is not good. They become narrow-minded. Boys have no general knowledge, no common sense. In my opinion students should study Medicine after completing B.Sc. Knowledge should be used for society. Society should be kept in view. Doctors are poor in knowledge. Degree Karne Ke Baad Thoda Theek Rehta Hai! Thursday Ko Kya Hai? (After completing the degree they become a little better. What is there on Thursday?)

Student: Where Swami?

Swami: Mujhe Institute Aane Ko Bola Hai. (I have been requested to come to Institute.)

Student: Swami Computer Lab Ka Opening Hai! (Swami, Inauguration of the Computer Lab.)

Swami called one of the teachers and inquired about the computers.

Swami: Biggest computer is here (pointing to head)! All that is artificial. This must be made intelligent or sharpened.

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