What is more Important in Life: Greatness or Goodness?

Sri Sathya Sai at the entrance of Trayee Brindavan

My Dear Students!

Some parents have very narrow desires. They only think, “My son should have great education. My son should get a very big job and great salary. My son should get lot of dowry and get married.” All the parents desire that their children should be great, but Swami does not like this. Swami wants us to be good. What is the use of greatness? Goodness is required. There are many great people in the country, rich people in the country, highly educated and scholarly people in the country. They are all great people. But what is the benefit to the country due to their greatness? The country needs good people. When there are good people, the country will prosper. 

Lord Rama: The Divine Incarnation
That is the difference between Rama and Ravana. Ravana was great, but Rama was good. What is the difference between goodness and greatness? Ravana was a great man. He had great education. He ruled over the great city of Lanka. He killed his elder brother and got his chariot. Who is a great man? One who sees man in God is a great man. Rama was God in human form. Ravana saw Rama as man in God. At least he did not see a demon in Rama. So, a great man sees Nara in Narayana. But, Rama was a good person. He saw God even in man. So, one is a great man and the other is a good man. What does a good man do? He always helps others and utilises his education for the welfare of others. What does a great man do? He misuses all the education he has learnt. Ravana was a great man, yet all his qualities were bad. 

Mandodari’s Advice to Ravana

Ravana: The Demon King
Mandodari, Ravana’s wife, had warned him saying, “Ravana! What you are doing is wrong. You are insulting a great Pativrata (a married woman of chastity). You do not know how much she is cursing you and shedding tears. So, take Sita and hand her over to Rama. Not just that, also develop friendship with Rama. There is no greater friendship than friendship with God. If God is your friend, is there anything greater than that? There is no greater friend than God. Develop friendship with God. Offer back Sita to Rama.” But, Ravana did not listen. “The curse of Sita has ruined you. Hence, I should not lament over you”, Mandodari told Ravana. She went away from there. She thought, “Why should I weep? I thought my son Indrajit (meaning the one who has conquered Indra) was great. I thought that he had conquered his senses. He too died due to lack of control over his senses. I don’t want a son who does not have control over his senses. It is better that a son who cannot conquer his senses dies. I thought that my husband and son were great emperors.” What is delusion? You divide unity into multiplicity. This is ‘Bhrama’ or delusion. To see unity in diversity is Divinity or ‘Brahma Tatwa’. Mandodari thought, “I was in delusion for all these days. It has been a waste since I was deluded.” She was very upset with Ravana and on his death, told Vibhishana to burn the body and then she burnt herself. There were such great women of sacrifice in those days. 

Spend your Money for Societal Welfare

At any point of time, you find sacred mothers bringing up their sons sacredly. In the Kali age, the mothers think their son should have a good job, good salary and good wife. Nobody aspires for a good name. Nobody aspires that he should be good. Nobody aspires that he should do good actions. Everybody aspires that he should be great. When the son is doing some good work, the parents tell him, “Why do you spend so much money? Deposit it in the bank.” Money should be spent for good purposes. Money and blood should not be stationary, they should flow. If blood does not flow, it will get clotted and threaten the life of the person. Similarly, it is dangerous to keep money stagnant. Both, money and blood should circulate. Then only will everything will be fine. Wherever you go, people are after money. This has become a big joke. Utilise the money that you have earned because of your education. Earn money to feed your family and parents and also do service to society. I don’t tell you not to earn. Earn well. But help your fellow men. You have prospered due to the society. Your welfare is due to the society. 

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