Avatar of The Kali Age - By Achintya Awasthi

Achintya with Sri Sathya Sai in Kodaikanal - May, 2003

From out the eternal orb the Earth did shout:
“Lord! Come, save me, I am drowning.
Man has turned to beast and worse. Lift from me this burden; 
Remove this evil curse.
Wars everywhere, as nuclear weapons keep being tested. 
Money became a religion as mammon was worshipped.”

The gods felt helpless and all went to Vishnu’s Abode where He assured, “I shall manifest Myself to re-establish Dharma.” 

The descent of the Avatar is the greatest event in the history of the world for, it signifies the descent of the Divine to the human. God comes down to earth in human form, so that he may lift mankind to sublime heights. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had once said, “The sages and saints are like ordinary boats who can carry only a few people with them and show them the goal of life, whereas an Avatar is like a big ship who carries thousands of people across the ocean of Samsara.” 

The Avatars of Yore

Bhagavan as an Avatar is in a very unique way different from the Avatars of the past. The Avatars of the past vanquished powerful demons and waged wars against the forces of evil to restore the balance of righteousness. But the SAI Avatar has come, fully aware that its man’s mind that is to be corrected. He has the power of Divine Love, not force. With this weapon (Love), He attracts everyone; the young and the old, the poor and the rich, the good and those who need to become good. That is why He is called, ‘The Universal Magnet’. 

The Avatar is like a catalyst. As a catalyst in chemistry does not participate in the chemical reaction, but only fastens the process of the reaction, the Avatar too allows human beings to hasten their process of transformation and evolution of the soul in His Divine Presence. 

It is not possible to describe the qualities of an Avatar in their fullness by any human being. Professor Kasturi, the biographer of Bhagavan, compared this with trying to condense all the water of the ocean in an inkpot. Saint Kabir had also sung, “Even if the water of the seven oceans were to be used as ink and earth as paper, one cannot describe the Glory of the Lord.” 

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a unique Avatar, a phenomenon by Himself, has been, from time to time giving clues and hints of Himself, in short, ‘Revelations’ of course, the first was on 20th October 1940 when he said in front of his brother’s house, before his sister-in-law, “I am no more yours, I am Sai Baba. My devotees are calling Me,”  and later, on His thirtieth birthday, during His Discourse, He said, “Yada Yadahi Dharmasya Glanirbhavati Bharata. Abhyuthanam Adharmasya Tadatmanam Srijamyaham.” The Lord had announced that He would assume human form and the Lord has come, as announced. 

Bhagavan’s main task is the re-establishment of the Vedas and the Shastras in the heart of Bharatavarsha and the revival of the knowledge about them in the people. Bhagavan has come to light the Lamp of Love in our hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added lustre. 

Bhagavan has not come to speak on particular Dharma like the Hindu Dharma. Bhagavan has not come on any mission of publicity for any creed or caste. Bhagavan has come to tell us the Universal Atmic Principle and the path of Love. 

In this Sai Avatar the wicked will not be destroyed, they will be corrected and reformed, educated and led back to the path from which they strayed .We should not consider Bhagavan merely as a body of five feet, three inches. His presence is being felt all over the world. Here are a few instances. 

A structural engineer from India, doing his job in London, wished to specialize in underground construction and joined Geo - technology course. He was the only student who was not having any Geology background. He worked hard for it and later got distinction. He also had a strange dream where a car stopped in front of him and took him to a place where Bhajans were being conducted and later was taken to a place where he was given food. After this dream he successfully wrote his exams and joined his group. 

A devotee’s son was seriously ill and doctors were not able to diagnose the sickness. All efforts to cure the child of his sickness proved futile. The devotee prayed to Bhagavan. The entire family was in grief due to the child’s sickness. There was a Shirdi Sai’s photo in the room, which was covered with a thin sheet. 

Suddenly, the family heard the cracking of the picture. A cloud of smoke emerged from the picture and floated towards the child and finally merged in him. The child showed signs of recovery and was cured in a few days. 

Crime on the highways is common in South Africa. A devotee, who was the owner of a fleet of buses, was a victim of a highway robbery and suffered a bullet injury. A bullet hit him in the chest. He called out Bhagavan’s name. Suddenly, Bhagavan appeared before him and put His hand on the chest where the bullet was embedded. Bhagavan disappeared from the devotee’s view and the devotee continued to live with the bullet inside. During his visit to Prasanthi Nilayam much later, Bhagavan pointed out the devotee’s chest and said, “So it is resting comfortably here.” The devotee was taken aback as very few people knew this fact. 

All these Leelas are expression of His love. Sometimes, they are just for fun. Here is one such Leela. Once, a small boy got a dream where Bhagavan asked him to tell his mother to prepare chips and pepper rasam. The next day, he told his mother to do so and after preparing they placed them in front of Bhagavan’s photo. To their surprise, the level of both of them decreased and a chit came out saying that the salt was less in chips. They added salt to the chip feeling that Bhagavan had told about the chips, but hadn’t mentioned the rasam. Suddenly chit came from the photo saying “Rasam okay.” 

Achintya with Sri Sathya Sai at Kodaikanal - May 2005

We are lucky to live at this time when the Lord has descended. The only thing we have to do is to make full use of the chance and become worthy instruments in His mission. 

God, grant me clear sight to see what lies behind
These silent - floating emblems of Divine purity - 
These thought forms of one great mind - 
Which cover all in one white robe of holy unity.

- Achintya Awasthi
Student (2003-2005), Department of Management Studies
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus
Currently, General Manager, Farlin Group

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