Deepavali celebrations at the Hill View Stadium…

Saturday, November 6, 2010

On the evening of 6th November, 2010, a grand and colourful display of fireworks added new splendour to Deepavali celebrations at Prasanthi Nilayam. Bhagavan arrived in the Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium in a grand procession led by a Bhangra dancers group, Vedic chanting students group and Nadaswaram music. Bhagavan was offered a reverential welcome in the stadium at 5.45 pm. Thousands of students holding lights in their hands, lined up the route of Bhagavan to the stadium which presented a grand spectacle in the twilight hours of this auspicious day. Bhagavan lit the sacred lamp to inaugurate the programme. 

The display of fireworks started when Bhagavan pressed the remote control button. After this, the Institute students took over and started the display of fireworks. Combined with this display, the students performed a dance in front of the stage where Bhagavan watched their dancing. This music, sound and fireworks continued for half an hour and concluded in an equally grand manner when a lighted message, “85 Years of Love” was displayed gloriously in the center of the stadium on a high stand. 

The students participated in the whole programme finally came in front of Bhagavan and offered their gratitude to Bhagavan for His loving and gracious presence. This grand display concluded with offering of Mangala Aarati to Bhagavan at 6.35 pm, after which Bhagavan left for His Abode.

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  1. Was lucky enough to participate in the fireworks. Was such a lovely evening. Swami was looking so happy. Happy Diwali to SSwS Team.



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