Sri Sathya Sai: The True Friend – By Pardeep Kumar

Sri Sathya Sai in Brindavan

“Kaga Jaysi Niyathi Chodo,
Phir Hams Ki Boli Bolo,
Muh Me Ram Bagal Mein Churi,
Nahi Chalega Sai Ke Dham”

“Get rid of the crow like nature. Speak like the swan. Chanting God’s name mechanically and entertaining bad thoughts will not work in the Sai Darbar.”

These lines touched me very deeply. I heard them from my friend Sai Om Beri who was an instrument in the Divine hands to bring me to this abode of peace. I came to know about Bhagavan through Sai Om who had studied in the primary school. I appeared here for the entrance examination of the B.Com. Programme in the year 2000. In spite of passing the written test, I was not selected after the interview. However, along with my mother, brother and Sai Om we went to Brindavan to have Bhagavan’s Darshan. On 14th May, we had Swami’s Darshan. I was transfixed with His Divine love, concern and compassion for all the devotees and students. When I went back home, I felt like a fish out of water. I resolved to study only in Bhagavan’s college. I dropped one year and prepared thoroughly for the 2001 entrance examination. I used to study till late night. One night, I cried out and prayed with all my heart that He should bless me with the opportunity of studying in His Institute. After a few days, Bhagavan appeared in my dream and assured me that my brother and I would get admission in Bhagavan’s college. He further assured that He would take care of my parents. 

Later, in the year 2001, I got admission in B.Sc. (M.P.C) in the Prasanthi Nilayam campus and my brother got selected into the Brindavan campus. Thus the Divine assurance came true and I realised that dreams relating to Bhagavan are not merely dreams but an expression of Divine love and grace.

Once, I had pain in the left region of my chest and my heart beat also increased. I was totally depressed and I was praying to Bhagavan for His help. The problem continued for many days and there was no relief at all. I did not approach any doctor but kept on praying to our Lord Sai, Who is the ‘Doctor of doctors.’ One night, when I slept after praying to Bhagavan, He appeared in my dream. In the dream I was weeping. Bhagavan smiled at me and materialised Vibhuti for me and applied it on my chest with His Divine hands. The next day when I got up the pain had vanished! This is how our Divine Mother takes care of Her children. This reminded me of Bhagavan’s saying, “If you need Me, you deserve Me.” 

On the Diwali day of 2003, my parents kept a box of packed dry fruits at Bhagavan’s altar for His Divine blessings on the auspicious occasion. After some time when they entered the room they witnessed a wonderful miracle. They found that the dry fruits were covered with Vibhuti! This miracle, which took place in Abohar, Punjab - 2500 Km away from Puttaparthi, speaks volumes about Swami’s omnipresence. 

I am now reminded of an interesting incident, which took place in Brindavan. After my end semester examinations, I went to Brindavan to have Bhagavan’s Darshan. One of my friends, Sai Krishna wanted to give a letter to Bhagavan. When he was leaving for home, he requested me to give his letter to Bhagavan. 

I accepted his letter, as he was my close friend. Almost every day I managed to sit in the front line. Every day, Bhagavan used to look at me but He never accepted that letter. One day during morning Darshan, Bhagavan stood before me and said, “Boy’s letter, don’t take.” After saying this He smiled mischievously and retired to Trayee, Brindavan. I was wonderstruck to hear the Divine advice. Those words, which proved to me that He knows everything, are still ringing in my ears.

Bhagavan is an ocean of love. The following incident reveals the immense love that Bhagavan has for His students. In the month of March of the year 2004 the third year undergraduate students were given a chance to perform programme before Bhagavan. This programme was meant to be an expression of gratitude to Bhagavan from the outgoing students. Bhagavan came and sat on the chair and enquired about the programme. Swami not only allowed us to sing and speak in front of Him, but he also materialised a ring for my roommate. That programme was a great success. Bhagavan even called us for a photo session. 0n that day I got my best photograph with Bhagavan and also got the opportunity to interact with Him. That day I realised that Bhagavan always gives us the best - lot more than what we desire, for He knows what is good for us. 

What a great fortune that we have the Lord Himself as our guardian and friend! History will remember us not because we had any great possessions, but because we are His possession. I am grateful to Bhagavan for all He has given and done for me. I have only one prayer to You Bhagavan:

“Oh Lord! Make us worthy instruments in Your Divine hands.”

- Pardeep Kumar
Student (2004-2006), Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus
Currently, Senior Software Developer, Bank of America, Hyderabad

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