Conversation with Sri Sathya Sai on Deepavali Day…

Sri Sathya Sai in Sai Kulwant Hall

Thursday, October 26, 2000 (Deepavali)


Darshan was at 7.00 am. The Sai Kulwant Hall was colourfully decorated on the occasion of Deepavali. After Swami occupied His chair, there was a music programme presented by the students. After that, Prasadam was distributed to one and all. Swami retired to His Poornachandra residence at around 9.00 am.


The evening Darshan was at around 2.45 pm. Immediately after the Darshan, Prasadam was distributed. At around 3.45 pm, Swami came to the Ganesh portico. 

Swami commented on a teacher and a student who changed their places when Swami came.

Swami : (To Prof. Anil Kumar about the student) Four times he has changed his place. (To the student) Why?

Student : For You, Swami.

Swami smiled and went near the eastern side gate of the hall to bless a devotee who was recovering from an accident. Swami also materialised Vibhuti for him. After blessing him, Swami came to Ganesh portico and occupied the chair. As soon as Swami sat, students rushed nearer to Swami. Observing one of the students, who was sitting uncomfortably close to Prof. Anil Kumar, Swami was annoyed.

Swami : (To the student with slightly harsh tone) Sit on him! (Pointing out another student about whom Swami mentioned earlier) These two boys are like this only. They keep jumping.

Then Swami enquired from Prof. U. S. Rao, about his brother. Then Swami enquired of Prof. Anil Kumar about his lunch and mentioned the name of the person who sent the Prasadam that was distributed. In that connection…

Swami : In olden days on the Deepavali day, they used to give red pumpkin and Bajra. (To Brindavan Warden) What do they call in Kannada?

B. Warden : Swami, Sajja.

Swami : (To a University staff) Do you have Sajja (Bajra)?

Staff : Swami, I used to have when I was young.

Swami : So, now you have become old! (Everyone smiled. Then to a student) 
Where are you from?

Student : Swami, Nagapattinam.

Swami : Where?

Student : Near Tanjore.

Swami : (To Brindavan Warden) There is a boy who always keeps smiling. 

B. Warden : Yes, Swami. (Warden mentioned the name of the student. Swami was looking out for the student in the third block. After spotting him, Swami called him to the front.)

Swami : Why do you always keep smiling?

Student : Swami, looking at You, I smile.

Swami : (To Prof. Anil Kumar) It is Adrushtam (good fortune). Some people always have a smiling face. But there are others who always have a sad face.

Prof. A. K. : Yes, Swami. Some people, though they have everything they keep a forlorn face.

Swami : (Mentioning the name of a Telugu scholar) He always kept a forlorn face. Once even his wife asked him, “Why do you always keep such a face?” 

He replied, “What can I do? My face is like that!” (Swami said that people with bright and smiling faces are compared to the Kaustubham, the precious diamond that Krishna used to wear. Then Swami asked about some scholars of those days. Again to the student) Why do you keep smiling?

Student : Seeing You, Swami.

Swami : (To Prof. Anil Kumar) He says that seeing you, he smiles. 

Prof. A. K. : If he sees me, he will feel like laughing! Swami, it came in the newspaper about Abdul Kalam’s speech. It was also mentioned that some Malaysian Minister has come. 

Swami : No, he is a Minister from Mauritius. He is a Minister for the past 17 years. Though Prime Ministers have changed, he has held his post. 
(Swami enquired about the Veerapan kidnapping episode.)

Prof. A. K. : Swami, he says that on Mondays and Thursdays, he is a vegetarian and on other days he has deer meat.

Swami : If he eats vegetarian food for only two days, then how can he be considered a vegetarian (Shakahari)? Do you eat meat?

Prof. A. K. : Swami, I do not even touch it!

Swami : (Jokingly) You do not touch it but, you can eat with spoon!

Prof. A. K. : No, Swami! (Everyone laughs.)

B. Warden : Swami, if the situation continues, people may go to the forest to get him back.

Swami : All will not go. Only few who are mad after cinema will go. Boys are getting neck pain due to My sitting here (because they stretch their necks to see Swami).

Prof. A. K. : I will tell one thing Swami, whatever You may feel. Everyone is happy because You are sitting here.

Swami : But all cannot hear. Only those sitting in the front can hear.

Prof. A. K. : Swami, even though devotees cannot hear You, they say that they are happy when they hear the students laugh.

B. Warden : Swami, Sai Kulwant session.

Swami : What?

B. Warden : Swami, like Trayee session, now we are having Sai Kulwant Hall session. Swami, Sai Darbar.

Swami : I do not have any Darbar (court). (Swami got up and went back to the interview room. He came back after some time. Responding to a question by Prof. Anil Kumar) No, there is no positive or negative mind. Only thoughts are positive or negative. If you have rice, you can either make it into curd rice, tamarind rice or sweet Pongal. If you have dough, you can change it into Idli or Dosa. If you know it is snake, why do you touch it? Inspite of knowing that it is poisonous, why do you approach it? Mind is God, how can it be positive or negative. (Swami tore the letter of a student and gave it back to him. To Prof. Anil Kumar) Did you eat Mysore-pak?

Prof. A. K. : Little bit, Swami. In Swami’s presence everything is blissful. I am very happy.

Swami : (Jokingly) Are you happy? Then, I will give you troubles.

Prof. A. K. : Swami, You gave me happiness. How can you take it back? Leave me like this for this birth.

Swami : From 1st to 24th (November), it is holiday. Is it not?

Prof. A. K. : Yes, Swami. (Swami enquired from a student about his parents and their health. Swami was about to get up) Swami, now only You came. Why are You going so early?

Swami : You are not the only person. I have to talk to many people.

Then Swami went back to the interview room. The Bhajans were at 5.00 pm. At around 5.45 pm, there was a colourful and flashy fireworks show in the Poornachandra lawns (around the Sarva Dharma Stupa). Swami started the show by pressing a switch, which automatically ignited a 10,000 pieces long fire cracker. Towards the end, Swami threw chocolates to the students. The day ended with Aarti. Thereafter, Swami retired to the Poornachandra residence.

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