Janula Madhya Thirugaade Jagapati… When the Lord moves in our midst...

Janula Madhya Thirugaade Jagapati
Jadulu Theliyagalare Nee Sangati
Harivo Mari Harudavo Evvadaina Nemi
Andarini Bangaaru Yeni Piliche Swami
Puttaparthilonunna Pudamiyanta Neede
Yetti Yendakaina Nee Godugu Needa Made
Raati Gonthu Tadipi Dappi Deerchina Cheyi
Raatalanni Maarchesina Ratnaakara Sai
Vedanulo Galametthe Naadaanivi Neeve
Swedamulo Molaketthe Modaanivi Neeve
Aashayaanni Aacharanaku Jathachesina Deva
Aadarshamu Adugaduguna Shruthichesina Prabhuvaa (Janula...)


You have walked amidst mankind, but do the foolish really know who You are? Whether You are Hari or Hara, You address every one as Bangaaru!
Even though You are born in Puttaparthi, the whole earth belongs to You. 
In any situation, You hold the umbrella of protection for Your devotees. 
Your Divine hand quenched the thirst of many parched throats. 
Oh Ratnakara Sai, You have changed the fate of every one.
You are the primordial sound resonating in the Vedas. 
You are the joy that emanates out of hard work. 
You have blended Your desire and deed. 
In every step, You have been an example for everyone.

Source: Song 16, Telugu Group Songs, Section 6, Vandana: Students’ Prayer Book

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