Jeevamu Neeve Kada Devaa

Jeevamu Neeve Kada Devaa (2)
Broche Bhaaramu Neede Kadaa, Naa Bhaaramu Needikadaa 
Ninne Nammi Nee Padayugalam, Sannuthi Jese Bhaktavaliki 
Minnagulagana Bhaya Madiyela, Pannaga Shayana Narayana 
Jeevamu Neeve Kada... 
Madilo Velige Cheekati Baapi (Baapi) 
Padamu Chupe Patita Pavana (2) 
Jeevamu Neeve Kada... 
Bhavajaladhini Badi Telegaleni, Jeevula Broche Parama Purusha 
Nanukaapade Nee Birudamunu, Nilupakunduva Shritamandara 
Jeevamu Neeve Kada... 


Oh God! This life is Yours and it is Your duty to care for it. 
My burden is Yours Oh Narayana! Resting under the Adishesha! 
Devotees believe You and sing Your glory. How can our minds forget You? 
Oh God! This life is Yours. Oh sanctifier of lives! You dispelled the darkness in our minds by showing us Your feet.  Oh God! This Life is Yours. 
Oh Divine person! You protect those who are lost in the world.
Oh Shritamandara (The One compassionate towards the forlorn)! You protect me and be true to Your name. 
Oh God! This life is Yours and it is Your duty to care of it. 

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