What are the Senses Given For?

Give up desires and attachment. What for are the ears given? Don’t listen to bad things. Why is the tongue given? Is it for chatting? No, no. It is given only to talk of good things. People show great interest if somebody is talking bad about others. The tongue is given to sing the glory of God. Why are the legs given to us? Is it to roam everywhere? No. They are given to visit holy places. Why are the hands given? Just for eating? No. They are given to worship the Lord. Hands are not given just to eat Idli, Sambar and Rasam! Why is the heart given?  It is given in order to install God there. That is the real altar of God. People don’t pay attention to these words. They behave in a foolish way. 

Today, human values are gone, but people are not worried about it. They speak about the value of the rupee going down; but they don’t consider the decline in human values. Alexander got everything. But he could never take anything with him. He earned a lot of wealth, crores and crores of rupees. There were many industrialists and politicians.  They earned a lot of wealth, but carried nothing when they left the world. Not even a handful of mud. They can’t take their own bodies. Even a millionaire can’t take his body. 

There is one story. A rich man earned a lot of wealth. But he would not eat because he was a miser. All the faculties of the senses left him. He was put in a cattle shed. He could not talk properly. His relatives thought that he had hidden some wealth somewhere and that he was going to tell that. They requested the doctors to prolong his life by 10 minutes so that he would divulge the secret of his wealth. They told the doctor, “He wanted to say something. We will give you thousands of rupees if you make him speak.” The doctors listened to him carefully. All the relatives were eager to know what he was telling. Finally the man said, “The calf is eating the broomstick.” Even though he was on his death bed, he was worried about the calf eating the broom stick! And he wanted the broomstick to be saved from the calf! That is miserliness. 

People don’t think of Divinity. They always think of money. People may acquire many kinds of wealth, but that is not real happiness. Divine happiness is real happiness. But people don’t recognise this. Divine happiness is real happiness, rest is only sadness. Living, being on earth, family life, relatives, wife, etc. are worries and troubles. Why don’t people chant the name of God at least once? Leave all the worries and take refuge in God. 

What is Rama Nama? Ramdas said, “Rama Nama is sweet pudding. Do any of you know this song? The essence of the Vedas is the wheat flour. In that, the milk synonymous with the Vedic texts is mixed. With these, the sweet of Rama’s name is made. Oh! Devotees come and savour this sweet. The heart is a pan. With the essence of Vedas as the wheat flour and the original texts of Vedas as the milk, in the pan of heart, the sages of yore made this sweet. That is real pudding. This is the pudding called Rama’s name. It is good if you have this pudding, and not the other varieties of pudding. Any other pudding like Payasam gives sweetness only for 2 minutes!” 

First, self-effort should be there. Everything is within you. Spirituality and liberation don’t come from outside, but come from within. Everything is within you. You have to give up one thing to get the other. You won’t be able to get the thing unless you drop what is there in your hand. That is the secret. All that is required is self-enquiry. We know what are the good qualities and the bad qualities in us. Remove the bad qualities and develop the good qualities. That is the greatest Sadhana. Sitting hours together in one place alone will not help. 

When we walk there is mind, when we sleep there is mind. There is mind in everything. There is no peace for mind at all. It is easy for man to stand, but it is difficult to control the mind. The mind wants to run around. It does not want to stand in one place. Man wants to be in one place, but the mind wants to run around. What is that we have to value? What is it that we have to control? How to control the mind? Direct the mind towards God, and that is the way to control the mind. 

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