Sri Sathya Sai Visits Mumbai and Hadshi (Photo Feature)

Sri Sathya Sai Pandurang Kshetra, Hadshi

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 to

 Monday, November 2, 2009

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba blessed the states of Maharashtra and Goa with His Divine physical presence, when He visited these states for six days from 28th October to 2nd November, 2009.

Bhagavan left Puttaparthi along with His entourage on the morning of 28th October, 2009 from Sri Sathya Sai Airport to Pune by about 8.30 am. Bhagavan landed at the Pune airport at 9.40 am. He was accorded a grand and hearty welcome at the Pune Air Port by Sri Shivraj Patil, former Home Minister of India; Sri Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra; Sri Ramesh Sawant, State President, Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of Maharashtra and Goa and many other dignitaries. The Bal Vikas children of Pune in their traditional dress offered their respectful greetings to Bhagavan.

Bhagavan was escorted by 11 motorbike riders and five cars from the airport to the residence of Sri Shivajirao Jadhav who organised this Divine visit. Bhagavan blessed the family members of the Jadhav family and then proceeded to Sri Sathya Sai Panduranga Kshetra, a grand temple complex in Sylvan surroundings of Hadshi village, near Pune. On arrival, Bhagavan was welcomed by the Tukaram Dindi (procession) by about 1200 villagers of Hadshi. Throughout the morning, Bhagavan blessed the thousands of devotees with His Divine Darshan. In the afternoon, Marathi Abhangs (devotional compositions) were sung by 25 villagers in the Divine Presence. The renowned singers Ms. Kavita Subramaniam, Sri Nitin Mukesh and Ms. Sapna Mukherjee presented devotional songs. They were blessed and felicitated by Bhagavan after their performance.
Music Programme by Nitin Mukesh, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Sapna Mukherjee and others at Sri Sathya Sai Panduranga Kshetra, Hadshi
On the morning of 29th October, 2009, Bhagavan ceremonially performed the Prana Prathishta (energising with life principle) of the idols in the three temples that adorn this temple complex, namely Siddhi Vinayak, Shirdi Sai Baba and Vittal Rukmini temples. After this sacred ceremony, Bhagavan offered Poornahuti (final oblations) in the Yajna that was being conducted to mark this sacred event.
Sri Sathya Sai Darshan at Hadshi
On the afternoon of 29th October, 2009, Bhagavan blessed the mammoth gathering of devotees with His Divine Discourse. Prior to Bhagavan’s Discourse, three speakers addressed the gathering. The first speaker Sri Shivajirao Jadhav expressed deep gratitude to Bhagavan for blessing Panduranga Kshetra with His Divine Presence and performing the Prana Pratishtha of the idols in three temples. The next speaker Sri V. Srinivasan, All India President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, exhorted the devotees to practice the teachings of Bhagavan in order to redeem their lives. The last speaker Sri Nishikant Borodekar, a faculty member of Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music, Prasanthi Nilayam narrated his experiences of Bhagavan’s Divinity.
Panduranga Kshetra lit up at night
Bhagavan in His Discourse said, 
“What is the purpose of human birth? It is to experience the love of God. Only those who were recipients of God’s love can bring about transformation in the world. God always helps. Your thoughts are responsible for your happiness and sorrow. Sakkubai always chanted ‘Ranga, Ranga, Ranga’. But others made fun of her. Her mother-in-law and her husband subjected her to great ordeals. Ultimately, Lord Panduranga came to her help and she was able to reach Pandharpur. Many people criticised even Radha and Sakkubai who always chanted the name of God. Ultimately, Krishna taught them a lesson. Never criticise anyone. Everything happens by the will of God. What is it that you must know today? You should know your mistakes and rectify them. That is enough. What do the Vedic Mantras signify? They signify the oneness of the Atma. There is no great spiritual practice than to realise the oneness of the Atma. Many people try to describe the glory of Swami in many ways. But it is all their delusion; they do not know My Reality. What is My name? It is not Sathya Sai Baba, though the world knows Me by this name. People should get rid of this delusion to know My reality. Today everybody is trying to realise the truth except the politicians. If only they realise the truth, the entire nation will prosper. Politics is the cause of all the conflicts that we see today everywhere. Whoever tells you something good, you should accept and follow. This is My message. Peace is present only in love. If you develop love, you will have everything. Very happy!”
Little Wonders perform before Sri Sathya Sai at Hadshi
On the morning of 30th October, 2009, the village Bal Vikas children led the Bhajans during the Divine Darshan of Bhagavan. On the same evening, a group five child artistes – Arya Ambedkar, Rohit Raut, Pratamesh Laghate, Mugha Vaisham Payam and Karthiki Gaikwadi – presented a devotional music programme in the Divine Presence. At the end of their presentation, Bhagavan showered His profuse blessings on the children and their family members. 
Sri Sathya Sai and the entourage at the Jadhav Bungalow in Hadshi
After showering His love and grace on the devotees at Sri Sathya Sai Panduranga Kshetra, Bhagavan along with His entourage left for Mumbai on the morning of 31st October, 2009. His caravan of more than 40 cars was escorted and led by 11 motorbike riders and security cars. Bhagavan’s car arrived at Dharmakshetra at about 2.00 pm. 

He was offered a traditional welcome by the students of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir, Dharmakshetra with Poorna Kumbham amidst chanting Vedic Mantras. Sri Indulal Shah and other dignitaries welcomed Bhagavan offering roses to Him. Bhagavan blessed the devotees singing Bhajans. Then He entered His Abode.
Sonu Nigam with Sri Sathya Sai at Mumbai
Bhagavan blessed a gathering of 50,000 devotees in the suburb Goregaon at 6.30 pm, on the evening of 31st October, 2009. The renowned singer Sri Sonu Nigam offered at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan a devotional music concert. At the end of the presentation, Bhagavan blessed the singer and materialised a diamond ring for him. Mangala Aarati was offered to Bhagavan at 7.10 pm. Thereafter, Bhagavan went to the residence of Sri Indulal Shah and returned to Dharmakshetra at 9.30 pm.
Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, Leader of Opposition Gopinath Munde, ICICI Bank Chairman K.V. Kamath and a number of industry captains with Sri Sathya Sai at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai
On the morning of 1st November, 2009, Bhagavan blessed thousands of devotees with His Divine Darshan. Besides, Bhagavan blessed a group of bankers and industrialists. On this occasion, Sri Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra prayed for Bhagavan’s blessings for his new administration and said he would follow the principles taught by Bhagavan in his administration. Sri K. V. Kamath, former Chairman, ICICI Bank also addressed the august gathering. He referred to the insights revealed at the conference held at Prasanthi Nilayam and praised the humanitarian projects of Bhagavan.
Sri Sathya Sai Darshan at Gandhi Maidan, Mumbai
On the same day, later in the morning at 11.10 am, Bhagavan blessed a gathering of 25,000 devotees with His Divine Darshan at Worli, Gandhi Maidan in South Mumbai. Mangala Aarati was offered to Bhagavan at the conclusion of Bhajans at 11.45 am.

From Gandhi Maidan, Bhagavan proceeded to Malabar Hills to visit the official residence of Sri Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Sri Chavan hosted a lunch in Bhagavan’s honour. The Chief Minister, his wife and two daughters offered a reverential and grateful welcome to Bhagavan at their residence. A select gathering of dignitaries were present during the lunch. 
Sathya Sai with Students at the Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai
On the evening of 1st November, 2009, Bhagavan blessed the huge gathering of devotees with His Divine Darshan at Brabourne Stadium at 5.00 pm. On this occasion, the students of Sri Sathya Sai University presented a programme of devotional music. As every song was saturated with love, devotion and true feelings, it elevated the minds and spirits of the listeners. 
The Last Supper at Dharmakshetra - Sri Indulal Shah, Smt. Sarla Shah and Smt. Ratanlal with Sri Sathya Sai
On the morning of 2nd November, Bhagavan granted His Divine Darshan to thousands of devotees assembled at Dharmakshetra during the Bhajan Session. Bhagavan also watched a short video documentary on the evolution of Dharmakshetra produced by former students of Sri Sathya Sai University. He gave His special blessings to the active workers of the Sai Organisation of Maharashtra and Goa in Shanti Deep.

On the afternoon of 2nd November, 2009, Bhagavan left Mumbai for Puttaparthi along with His entourage by a chartered plane from Mumbai airport at 3.35 pm. A huge gathering of devotees collected at the airport to have a last glimpse of Bhagavan when He departed. They offered their grateful thanks to Bhagavan for His visit to Pune and Mumbai that had left long lasting blissful memories in each and every heart. 

When Bhagavan reached Sri Sathya Sai Airport, a group of motorbike riders were present to welcome their Lord. They escorted Bhagavan to Prasanthi Nilayam from the airport. Bhagavan was welcomed with Poorna Kumbham amidst Vedic chanting by the students, as He entered Sai Kulwant Hall at 5.35 pm. Joyous welcome songs were sung by the students to welcome their beloved Lord. After granting the bliss of His Divine Darshan to the devotees for 15 minutes, Bhagavan received Mangala Aarati at 5.50 pm and retired to His Abode.

Here is a short video capturing the highlights of the Divine visit:

Thus, concluded this historic visit of Bhagavan to Pune and Mumbai, kindling the light of spirituality and Divinity in the hearts of thousands of people.


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