"What should be the True Purpose behind gaining Professional Education?" - Sri Sathya Sai

Normally the covert aim of pursuing an MBA programme is to secure an attractive job that lends scope for one to enjoy power, position, freedom, authority, frequent promotions and a fat salary. With such an objective, many people pursue MBA programme. This however should not be the attitude of students. On the contrary, one ought to pursue the management programme in order to get good wishes and blessings from our own people and others by putting to good use the knowledge that one has gained through such professional educational qualification. But today, the top managements are not paying adequate attention to problems while they are in the embryonic stage. For example, one expects to make profit through the production and sale of goods and services. For this, one has to be prepared with a master plan which would include responses to the following questions: What would be the estimated expenditure for every month? What are the items that have to be included? What would be the expenditure on the raw materials? How much wages and salaries have to be paid to the workforce? How much taxes have to be paid to the government? What is the budget to be provided for advertisement?

Besides, we have to recognise one more important thing. There is a machine say, with the installed capacity to produce 1200 items. But the worker manufactures only 800 items. If he can manufacture 1000 items on that machine, it will be the optimum usage. What is the reason for him to manufacture only 800? We have to find out what factors are responsible for the low production. Only when you go personally and supervise such minute details, will you be able to understand the intricacies of the problem. But nowadays, there is seldom such a genuine enquiry carried out by people in responsible positions. Owing to this, business organisations of today are prone to problems.[i]


[i] Baba made reference here to such fundamental issues in today’s organisations. It should be understood that practicing managers should pay attention in a proactive manner to all such basic problems and issues at the grass roots level right when they are at the embryonic stage, even though they might appear to be so trivial.

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