Characteristics of a Holistic Society: Sri Sathya Sai Paradigm

Interdependence in the Society

Every individual depends on the society for the fulfillment of his needs. If one desires to have coffee one morning, one would need to procure coffee powder from the shop, milk from the milk vendor and so on. It is said that even the simplest of human needs are fulfilled only with the aid of the society. Each individual’s health and happiness are much dependent upon the society. One should question oneself thus, ‘What is the help or service that I provide to the society in which I live?’ We should not live in the society like a drop of oil on water (meaning unattached and indifferent). It is not possible for any individual to live in seclusion. The individual should mix well with the society much the same way as milk mixes with water (a perfect mixture). An individual should always bear the interests of the society in his mind as the foremost thing. He is born in the society, lives in the society and completes his life in the society, and hence he must live for the sake of the society. It is the society which brings about stability and nobody can assert that man is exclusive and can survive without any dependence on the society. In earlier days, there existed the institution of joint family. However, after marriage, these days the newly married couples stay away from parents. Only if the couple lives with parents does it deserve to be called as family. As long as one is with parents, one is happy, but if they leave their parents, gloom sets in on their lives. A graduate sought an equally qualified partner in marriage, but after the marriage both ended up fighting about who should prepare the coffee, for they were both equally qualified! Separation only leads to weakness. Many threads (Baba showed his handkerchief) make a sturdy cloth, but if the same is unwoven into threads, it foregoes its strength.


All individuals should fill their hearts with love. One ought not to be just a romantic lover whose love is limited to just a few people. One should become Love itself so that he/she can love the entire world without any discrimination.

Unity in Diversity

The mind is the one that concocts diversity, whereas Buddhi (intellect) brings about unity. When we take 2 ½ meters of cloth to the tailor for stitching a shirt, he cuts it into different pieces with the scissors and then uses a sewing needle to stitch the pieces into a shirt. The mind is like the scissors that creates diversity, whereas Buddhi is the needle employed to bring about the unity. 

Source: Values-Oriented Rural Development, Chapter 2, Man Management: A Values-Based Management Perspective

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