The Message of Sri Sathya Sai Baba: In His Own Words - Part 4

The Avatar as the Guru

Suffering and misery are the inescapable acts of the cosmic drama. God does not decree these calamities, but man invites them by way of retribution for his own evil deeds. This is corrective punishment which induces mankind to give up the wrong path and return to the right path so that he may experience the God-like condition of Satchitananda. All this is part of the grand synthesis in which the negatives serve to glorify the positives. Thus, death glorifies immortality, ignorance glorifies wisdom, misery glorifies bliss, night glorifies dawn.

So, finally, if the Avatar brings the natural calamities to an immediate end, which I can and do when there is a great need, the whole drama of creation with its Karmic law will collapse. Remember, these calamities occur not because of what God has made of man, but really because of what man has made of man. Therefore, man has to be unmade and remade with his ego destroyed and replaced by a transcendent consciousness, so that he may rise above the Karmic cycle to command Nature and avert its calamities. This is the work of the Avatar which I am presently doing.
- “Raising Man to God”, God Lives in India, 
September 1976, Prasanthi Nilayam

You should offer your knowledge for the benefit of the people. You should set an example to your fellowmen. Cultivate the spirit of oneness to all mankind. It is to teach this message that the Sai advent has taken place. Sai has come to indicate the omnipresence of God. The Avatar has come down to declare that God is present everywhere. This is as necessary as the need for someone to light a lamp, even if one has a lamp holder, oil and wick. The Avatar comes not only to proclaim the eternal virtues but also to shower His love on mankind but, each one will get the benefit according to the size of the vessel he holds. 
- “Not Salaries but Service”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 29, 
July 01, 1996, Prasanthi Nilayam

Society today is racked by jealousy and hatred. Jealousy is a disease, which gives rise to hatred. Develop forbearance and good will. That is the cure for jealousy. I have often declared, “My Life is My Message”. Often many have extolled Me or derided Me. I do not get elated by praise or depressed by criticism. I treat everything alike. “Samatwam Yogam Uchyate”. That equal minded-ness is Yoga. What do I lose when someone criticizes Me? That is his opinion. It does not affect Me. Those who criticise Baba are suffering from a disease, like those who reject a sweet because they suffer from diabetes. The fault lies in the person and not in the sweet. They know that Baba is engaged in beneficial activities. They want Him to fulfill their desires. But because some of their selfish interests are not satisfied, they turn against Swami. This is a malady. When you see the facts in this light, you will realise the truth. 
- “Fill the World with Love”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 28, 
November 18, 1995, Prasanthi Nilayam 

You must take a path by which you can see deep into My heart and experience the various Divine aspects of Mine. You must understand the all-knowing power in Me. Do not be led away by people who always talk of having got a locket, a watch or a ring from Me. These things have no deep meaning. If you can earn My grace, it is as good as getting the entire world. Do not talk about My miracles but talk of the Prema which you can get from Me by your conduct. This is what is most important and you must make an attempt to get it. When there is an invaluable diamond in Me, you must try and acquire that. What is the meaning in your wanting to acquire smaller things? You must not go away from this invaluable treasure. You must be as close to it as possible. It is necessary for you to take and treasure it. 
- “Who is Sathya Sai Baba?”, 
Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Part 2, Brindavan

In rendering service, there should be unity of heart, head and hands. Only then, does service becomes sanctified. The significance of the three letters in SAI should be understood. ‘S’ stands for Service. ‘A’ stands for Adoration. ‘I’ stands for Illumination. These three represent Karma, Bhakti and Jnana respectively. Sai teaches these three. All the three concepts are equally important. Sai is the combination of three spiritual paths of Action, Devotion and Wisdom. Just as the Pranava sound is made up of the three letters ‘A’, ‘U’, ‘M’, “SAI” stands for the triple forms of spiritual Sadhana. 

- “Fill the World with Love”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 28, 
November 18, 1995, Prasanthi Nilayam

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