“The Examiners were very happy with our Students…”

Monday, July 10, 2000

During evening Darshan, Swami took a letter from a student and immediately gave it back saying…

Swami : I know everything. (He then asked a senior Professor, who was sitting next to the student) Have all the people gone back? (Referring to the Management Executives who had come to address the students for the M.B.A. workshop at the Institute.) 

Teacher : They have gone, Swami.

Swami : Did you speak?

Teacher : Yes, Swami. I spoke.

Swami : (To another Professor) Have all the people gone back?

Teacher : All have gone except two, Swami. They are staying till Guru Poornima. 

Coming to the end of the third block to the School students, who were having greeting cards in their hands…

Swami : These 11th and 12th class boys keep on making some things. No work; not studying! (Swami went to the birthday boys and there, to a student who clicked a photo) Are you his agent? (To one student) Bad boy.

(To the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus Principal, Prof. U. S. Rao, referring to the Doctoral Research Scholars) They did well. (Referring to their presentations for the Ph.D.) The examiners were very happy. They said that these kind of students could be found only at Sathya Sai Institute. Natural products (of the Institute). They (the examiners) tested them properly and these boys answered properly. One more boy is there in IIT, who is our student. His professor was very happy and announced in public, “This boy is surely from Sathya Sai Institute. No one else can be like this.”

(To a student) Do you have any problem?

Student : No, Swami. You are there to take care.

Prof. A. K. : Swami, he is perfectly fine and all boys with You are perfectly fine.

Swami : They are fine only in the outside, but within, there are ups and downs; very unsteady in the head. (Swami then called a student who was holding a kerchief; turning to Prof. Anil Kumar) How is this boy? (Referring to Praveen Vemula, a student of the M.Sc. (Bioscience) course.)

Prof. A. K. : Swami, very good boy. Recently he came first in the University. 

(Swami enquired about his subject.) 

Swami : He came first in the Bioscience Department, not University first. 

Prof. A. K. : Yes, Swami. He came first in Bioscience.

Swami : How does he score marks?

Prof. A. K. : Swami ‘O’ grade. He gets five out of five.

Swami : Does he get double ‘O’ grade?

Prof. A. K. : Not double ‘O’ grade, Swami. Only single ‘O’ grade.

Swami : (To the student) Get double ‘O’ grade.

Student : Swami, if I make You happy, that is enough.

Swami : (To Prof. Anil Kumar) Emantunnadu? (What is he telling?) Did you hear?

Prof. A. K. : Yes, Swami. He said that if he makes Swami happy, that is enough.

Swami : If I wait for you to give happiness, I will not have happiness at all. I am always happy. He got 100% in Summer Course also. (The student brought out his Summer Course photo from his pocket and showed it to Swami.) Chala Baga Undi (It is very good). (Pointing at a statue in the photo) 

Who is this Devi (Goddess)?

Student : Swami, Krishna.

Swami : Is it Krishna? Papam. (Taking a greeting card from a student) What is this?

Student : It is a poem for You, Swami. (Then Swami said something to the student in Telugu; the student couldn't understand.) Pardon me, Swami. But I do not know Telugu.

Swami : So, you wrote this poem. But tell Me, did you really write it yourself, or some boys in your class discussed and helped you to write it down.

Student : No, Swami. I wrote.

Swami : Very good. (Swami read the whole poem and finally pointed at the following lines) “Oh Lord! You are mine and I am Yours.” (Pointing to ‘mine’) What is this?

Student : ‘Mine’, Swami.

Swami : How do you know that I am yours? Who told you that I am yours? 

(The student did not reply.) It is correct that you are Mine, but why am I yours? (The student could not reply.) Son, you should say, “Yes, Swami. I know You are mine.” You should say with confidence.

Student : Yes, Swami. I know that You are mine.

Swami : Good, you should say like that. (Then He looked at the top of the greeting card, on which was written ‘Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa’ in the clockwise order.) It is not like that. You should write,


Dharma        Shanti 

                                            Prema  Ahimsa 

Swami : (Looking at the sketch of Swami that was drawn inside) Did you draw this yourself?

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami : (Examining it very closely) But the nose is very big.

Student : I am sorry, Swami. Bless me that I can do better. 

Swami smiled and gave Padanamaskar after which Swami called another School student with a card.

Swami : (Reading a line of the poem written by the boy) ‘Centuries are going on but people are not leaving their greediness.’ (To the student) First, you have to leave your greediness, and then tell others.

Student : Swami, I have a doubt.

Swami : Ask.

Student : Swami, we are chanting Hanuman Chalisa, Padukashtakam, etc. We do not know their inner meaning. We are simply chanting them. Can we get complete result out of chanting them?

Swami : Yes, you will get. If you chant wholeheartedly with God in your heart, whatever the word may be, it gives you complete meaning.

Student : Can we chant any word with devotion?

Swami : You can chant any word without taking their other (bad) meanings. 

(After this, Swami went near the first block where Primary School students (birthday boys) were sitting. Swami gave them bananas. To a teacher in the Bhajan Hall) No flute music today because his father is not well. (To a student) Why don’t you learn flute? (Then Swami asked a number of students sitting there whether they knew flute. To a student) Why these many letters? From where are you coming?

Student : Madras.

Swami : (In Tamil) Madras’ Lerndu Vandacha? (Came back from Madras?) (To the student, C. G. Sai Prakash, who was trying to ask something) What?

Student : Swami, I will play Sitar for five minutes.

Swami : (Paused and smiled) If you play Sitar, every one will run off from here! Practice, I shall see. (To the teacher) Both are brothers. (C. G. Sai Prakash and C. G. Sathish). They want to play Sitar and Tabla. We shall see.

Saying so, Swami went to the interview room.

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