An Integrated Personality for a Manager: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective

What is it that students of Business Management should learn, before anything else? Management students should learn about the great personalities belonging to all walks of life and all periods of time. A complete comprehension regarding the aspect of personality, which determines human behaviour, is required. For this purpose, understanding the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the personality would be necessary. 

What do you mean by personality? One’s physical appearance alone is not one’s personality. People believe that personality refers to the physical body alone. The body may be faultless, but one should have appropriate intellectual acumen too. Not only this, the emotional aspect is also necessary. That emotional aspect should be combined with the intellect. If the emotional aspect and intellectual acumen combine, then the personality becomes sacred. When there is harmony between the emotional and intellectual aspects, it leads to spiritual development. So these four aspects - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual have to be fostered for all round personality development. 

Personality is derived from the English word ‘Person’, which is derived from the Roman root word ‘Persona’. What is the meaning of this word ‘Persona’? Persona means Divinity. When the Christian State came into existence, the word ‘persona’ emerged. The entire Roman kingdom had become a Christian administration. They looked at Jesus Christ and proclaimed, “He is Persona” meaning He is Divine. Jesus, during the initial stages said, “I am the Messenger of God”. When Jesus was born, three kings came to see him. The first one said, “He is the Messenger of God.” The second one said, “He is the Son of God”. The third one said, “He and the Father are one”. This is the significance of what the kings said. They could recognise that Jesus had descended from Divinity. 

‘Person’ in Sanskrit is called ‘Pourusha’. Purusha is derived from Pourusha. So, all individuals have originated from Divinity. What do you mean by Purusha? Purusha doesn’t mean the one who wears a trouser and shirt and has a particular type of hairstyle. The human body called ‘Pura’, in which the Chaitanya (consciousness) pervades from top to toe, is known as Purusha. Purusha doesn’t refer to man or woman. It is not related to the physical body. It does not refer to gender. Narada also said that the consciousness that pervades the entire universe and also the physical body is Purusha. Consciousness confines itself to the body in the form of conscience, which energizes the senses to perform their functions. There are three levels of this Divine energy: conscious, conscience and consciousness. Conscious, the first level, is the messenger of God. Conscience, the second level, is the son of God. Consciousness, the third level refers to that wherein ‘the son and the Father are one’. 

An individual has personality only because of the inherent Divinity. Today, students should cultivate moral values if they wish to possess a good personality. There is no need for developing new societies or new educational systems and practices in order to solve the problems of the present day world. It is necessary to develop boys and girls with pure hearts. 

An important facet of personality is character. What is character? Good behaviour, good manners, good discipline and good actions together constitute character. Good character and pure hearts are required to develop good students. To make them accomplish the goals of their life, young boys and girls should be encouraged on the path of goodness and justice. Only when one has truth (Neeti) and morality (Nijayati), can one develop good character and a spiritual outlook to life. 

Of all the four aspects of personality, the spiritual aspect is very important. Indiscipline is the cause for loss of balance. If there is any disturbance in the life of any individual, he should seek pardon from God through prayer, which would purify him and help him in regaining balance and peace of mind. One must always cultivate good habits. Under all circumstances, people should aim at cultivating only good qualities and habits. When we deviate from this discipline, the balance is disturbed. Spirituality is the basis of truth and morality, which forms the foundation for a pure heart and a good character. A country can develop and promote peace only if it has such youth with pure heart and good character.

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