Natural Environment – Protection and Preservation - Part 1

The Five Elements that form basis of Creation and the Mystic Syllables associated with each of them

The permutations and combinations of basic elements of nature result in the origin of various forms of creation. There are various forms of light rays. These light rays cause multitudes of changes in matter. These light rays are of various types such as physical light rays, magnetism, electricity, X-rays, Dharmic rays, laser rays, etc. that exist in nature and which result in the materialization of various colours, forms and names. Certain forms become extinct and new forms come into existence. What is the root cause behind this creation? It is the transformation of energy into matter and matter back to energy. These changes at energy level also activate changes in the mind and the thought processes. 

The scientists have also begun to recognise that Divinity was the primordial cause for the creation of the Universe (however, the nomenclature used by them may be different). They also appreciate that there is nothing in the Universe that is not permeated by the esoteric law (Divine Principle), including the atom. However, what is the evidence available to prove that Divinity is the very basis of the Universe? God is described by people in various ways, but with the help of five words: Kleem, Krishnaaya, Govindaaya, Gopijana Vallabhaaya and Swaaha. These words have some meaning: Kleem means Pruthvi (Earth); Krishnaaya – Jal (Water); Govindaaya – Agni (Fire); Gopijana Vallabhaaya – Vayu (Air); and Swaaha – Akasha (Ether / Space). The entire nature is the manifestation of these five elements, which are essentially Divine. These five elements encompass the entire Universe and there is nothing anywhere devoid of it. Therefore, Divinity is the basis of the entire creation. 

Pruthvi (Earth)
If the importance of earth is recognized properly, it will be possible to understand as to why humankind should show gratitude to earth. Scientists discovered that the earth is rotating on its axis. There are forests, hills, seas, rivers, cities and villages on the surface of the earth. It is heartening to note that earth, bearing all this weight rotates and revolves at a great speed, without causing any harm or disturbance to various things on its surface, the reason for this being the magnetic force. However, the source that provides this power of the gravitational pull (magnetism) to planet earth is Divinity (as believed by theists). God does not move, but His creation alone has movement. The creation would be subjected to catastrophe if God too would be in motion. This is analogous to a train that runs fast on the rails, but the rails are motionless. Divinity that is changeless and steady is responsible for the manifestation of various forms of creation.

Jal (Water) 
The planet earth has water everywhere, whether it is perceptible or not. Hence, it can be said that water is all-pervasive. 

Agni (Fire) 
Fire is present in every human being, which is known as ‘Jatharaagni’ (digestive fire), which enables the digestive system to digest the food that is partaken. This is present not only in humans but even in inanimate objects like stones and trees in a passive manner. That is why, when two stones or pieces of wood are rubbed against each other, fire is created when subjected to friction. That is how fire is also present everywhere in a latent manner.

Vayu (Air)
Air is present everywhere. Along with electricity, air enables sound to travel everywhere. Life cannot exist without air. However, air is invisible and ethereal. One can appreciate the omnipotence of Divinity by observing the power of this element. All types of rays pass through with a great velocity. Light travels at a velocity of 186,284 miles per second. People estimated the velocity of Divine energy to be 600,000 crore miles per second.[i] How can it then be possible to comprehend the greatness and power of Divinity that travels at such an inconceivable velocity? 

Scientists assume that the Divine principle lies at the centre of the whole Universe. How can it be possible for one to reach God, racing along with Him around the world? It however becomes feasible only if one can match with the speed of light i.e. 186,284 miles per second. It ultimately means that by factoring in all the variables concerned, it takes 22,000 crore years to reach the state of Divinity. The body of humans may survive for a maximum period of about 100 years. How then can one reach God if it requires 22,000 crore years to reach Him? It should be understood in this context that the whole computation relates not to the human body but to the indwelling Atman.

Akash (Ether / Space)
The vast space was the first of all the elements, which became the place of birth for all other elements (earth, water, fire and air) that subsequently came into existence.

[i] The speed of light in the vacuum of free space is an important physical constant usually denoted by the letter c. It is the speed of all electromagnetic radiation, including visible light, in free space. It is the speed of anything having zero rest mass. In imperial units, the speed of light is about 670,616,629.4 miles per hour or 983,571,056.4 feet per second (roughly one foot per nanosecond), which is about 186,282.397 miles per second.

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