Swami inaugurates Prem Deep at Muddenahalli

Swami at Prem Deep on the day of inauguration

Friday, August 05, 1994

Bhagavan inaugurated a magnificent Mandir at Sathya Sai Gram in Muddenahalli, on 5th August 1994. Bhagavan went around the building along with His party, commending the good work of the architect and the contractor. He presented to them, shawls and mementoes, and materialised a gold ring for the architect, Mr. Kamath. Bhagavan gave an informal talk to the the staff of the school and the devotees, moved amongst them and blessed them. Bhagavan gave a Discourse in Kannada in the Bhajan Hall of the new Mandir. After the Discourse, He laid the foundation for a new dining hall attached to the school hostel. Bhagavan and His party left the campus at 2.30 pm, and reached Brindavan at 4.00 pm.

Source: Sri Sathya Sai Digvijayam (1986 – 2005)

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