What are the consequences of over-eating?

There was once a rich man. He had no work other than eating and sleeping. Due to overeating, however, he started suffering from indigestion. A doctor, specialising in treating such disorders, was asked to come and visit this rich man. After examining the rich man the doctor told him, “Sir, you don’t need to spend even a naya paisa on medicine. You yourself are responsible for this state of yours. You very well know the capacity of your stomach? Yet, owing to greed, you filled your belly with excess food. This has led to severe indigestion. As medicine, take this lump of salt and keep on chewing it. You will soon find relief”. The rich man followed the doctor’s prescription and recovered in a couple of days. Just during that time, it also happened to be the rich man’s birthday. Since he was now relieved of his illness, he felt happy and decided to distribute sweets as part of his birthday celebrations. Now, he went on visiting sweet shops, tasting different sweets, deciding which one to distribute. But to his surprise, he found all sweets to be salty rather than sweet. Finally one shopkeeper, seeing the lump of salt in the rich man’s hand, understood the problem and said, “Sir, there is a tap there. Please gargle your mouth and then I will give you the sweet to taste”. The rich man did as he was told. The shopkeeper then offered him a Laddu to taste. As soon the rich man put the Laddu in his mouth he felt the sweet taste. Then the shopkeeper told him, “Sir, if you keep salt in your mouth, how can you experience the sweetness of the Laddu?” In the same way, the disease of atheism is rampant today. Man’s heart is filled with bitterness. How then can he relish any kind of sweet? Man, with all the bitter thoughts, bitter feelings and bitter action cannot experience any good activity or encourage good thoughts. Students and teachers, as long as they are here, remain sacred. But the moment they go out they may become susceptible to the disease of worldly desires. Spirituality leaves you the moment you are stricken by this disease. This disease has no cure. There can be a cure for cancer. But there is no cure for hatred towards God. Ravana studied all types of knowledge. He had everything. Yet he was a slave to his desires. 

When one becomes a slave to the desire,
He becomes a slave to the entire world.
The one who conquers desire,
The whole world will serve him.
Everybody will become his slave.

When man becomes a slave to his desire, he becomes a slave to the whole world. Be a slave to God. Then the whole world will come to you.

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