The Fifth Goal of Human Life

Meera, the great devotee of Lord Krishna


See that love is not directed in the wrong direction. Don’t make it cheap. See that you don’t act against the norms of the society. Don’t act against the wishes of your parents and elders. See that you direct your love to win the appreciation of everybody. You don’t need to adhere to anybody’s command except God’s command. 

Once Meera was singing, ‘Giridhara Gopala, Giridhara Gopala.’ Hearing this, Maharana, her husband became very angry. Out of fury and anger, he caught hold of her hair and dragged her out of the temple. Meera felt very sad. She said, “Krishna, can I leave You? God is everywhere. My heart is Your temple. Not this temple which is built by Maharana. The temple You built is permanent. You cannot give up my heart. That is my temple. Let the mind travel where Ganga and Yamuna meet. Prayag is the place where Ganga and Yamuna merge. Ganga is devotion. Yamuna is action. The inner current is Saraswati. All the three are at the centre of the Teertha. There You are present. Oh mind! Travel to that place. The water of Ganga and Yamuna are very pure. It is pleading to the mind so that it might travel to that place and it may find God. Go there. Don’t go anywhere.” Where is this Teertha (place of pilgrimage – the confluence of rivers)? It is within you. It is not the outer world or outer place. God is in your heart. However, if you experience Him, see Him directly, you will be happy.

Krishna along with Gopikas

You find some books which contain the recipes of various sweets. You will not know the taste by mere reading. You will only know it when you eat the sweets. So too, it will not help you if it is merely a feeling. It should come to you as an experience. That is the purpose behind the advent of an incarnation. This is what Gopikas wanted. They prayed to Krishna, “The land of our hearts is barren. Let us be there where you are born. Oh Krishna! If You are born as a flower, let me be the bee. I will go into You (the flower) making a humming sound and draw thy nectar. If You are there as a tree, let me be the creeper twining around You and not separate from You. If You are the ocean, let me be the river and merge in You. If you are the Meru mountain, I will be the waterfall running and touching the mountain. If you are the infinite sky, let me shine there as a tiny star. There should not be any separation between You and all of us here. There should be this continuous union.” That union is true devotion. Pray for Saalokya – ‘I should think of You’, Saameepya – ‘I should be near You’, Saaroopya – ‘I should have Your form’, and Saayujya – ‘I should merge in You’. This is the 'Panchama Purusha Marga'. There are four goals of life: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The fifth one is union with God - ‘Parama Bhakti’. There is no other thing beyond this supreme devotion. 

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