“Swami… I want Interview…”

Thursday, July 20, 2000

During the evening Darshans, a Primary School student (P. Student) asked Bhagavan…

P. Student : Swami, Interview Kavali (Swami, I want interview).

Swami : (Jokingly) Come with your wife. I will give you. Do you have a wife? (Primary student nodded saying ‘Yes’.) (Looking at the elderly devotees present) Oh! This boy wants an interview. (To the student) Are you married?

P. Student : No, Swami.

Swami : Fir Wife Kaisa? (Then how wife?) (All laugh.) Where is your father? 

(The student pointed towards the gents side.)

After interviews…

Swami : (To the same student) Come with your parents tomorrow morning, I will give you interview. (The next day Swami gave interview to the student along with his parents.)
Swami materialised Vibhuti for the School students and told them to eat it. Swami called an American devotee…

Swami : (To students) He is Bill Clinton’s classmate. (Bill Clinton, President of U.S.A.– 1993-2001)

Devotee : (The devotee pleaded) Swami, third letter.

Swami : Where is it?

Devotee : I will get it Swami.

Swami : Then go. (The devotee left for getting the letter. To Mr. Victor Kanu, (a senior devotee from Zambia) How is the School going on? (Mr. Victor Kanu runs a School based on Sri Sathya Sai Education System in his country totally free of cost for poor School dropouts. The School has achieved great reputation for its academic excellence on Value-based education.)

Devotee : Fine, Swami.

Swami : How many students?

Devotee : Swami, 520.

Swami : (To a devotee from U.K.) What is the news?

Devotee : We are starting a High School in Canada.

Swami : In Canada, it is very difficult. (To another devotee) He wants to start a High School. Teachers are not there. Teachers are very important…

Clinton’s classmate comes back and hands over the letter to Swami. Swami showed the letter to everyone and pointed out the White House emblem and Clinton’s signature. Swami also read out a few lines through which Clinton conveyed his message saying that he wanted to come to Puttaparthi.

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