The Problems of Subject Specialisation in Contemporary Times: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective

Matter is not something that is the exclusive domain of Physics alone. It would be appropriate to call it the knowledge of Nature because it combines Physics, Chemistry and Biology. But, human beings out of their vested interests failed to see this unity. One person is designated as a Physics professor, another as Chemistry professor, and yet another as Biology professor. The Physics professor may not possess in-depth knowledge about Chemistry; likewise the Chemistry professor about Biology. Essentially Science is a holistic combination of all these features in the right proportions. On account of such narrow specialisation, they do not get a comprehensive mental picture of the whole object. It remains only as subjects in pieces while a synthesis is what is most needed. 

If there are jealousy, hatred and other such negative feelings among nations, no nation can have sustained development. What is needed is the unity of all nations. This allows each nation to enjoy peace and prosperity. People in medical profession, for the purpose of specialisation, divide even human body into a number of parts in the name of super-specialisation. One doctor may be a specialist in Orthopaedics, another in E.N.T. (ear-nose-throat), and yet another in Cardiology. If it has to be analysed in a lighter vein, if one were to take the heart, another to the ear, and so on, what will remain! A doctor is ideally expected to possess a holistic knowledge of the entire human body. What is the reason for the prevailing scenario of narrow specialization, which may no doubt have some benefits, but from the moral or the spiritual standpoint is not proper. 

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